In the 1980’s, a few researchers came up with a proposed idea that they thought would help reduce crime in the U.S. They called that theory ‘Broken Windows’. The idea was fairly simple, a broken window is a sign of a community that has been neglected. In turn, a community that has been neglected, is more likely to have an increase in crime rate. The hypothesis was if police could fix the small problems (i.e. broken windows), the big ones would disappear.     This idea came from a research experiment in 1969 where a psychologist […]

Why The Small Things Matter

  Money is a tough thing to wrap our brains around sometimes. Especially when it comes to our own personal finances. It can be stressful, make you feel lost, and seem like you’re running on a treadmill.   I felt these same feelings early on in my financial life. I was in debt, frustrated, and looking for a way to figure this whole financial mess out. It’s a terrible feeling when you don’t know where you spent your last paycheck.   The problem is, there’s nothing out there that provides a clear cut plan for your situation. That’s because you’re […]

You Inc.

  When I was a young lad, I would always tell myself little lies. Lies that in turn, would hinder my performance in school, athletics, savings, and many other goals a youngster would like to accomplish. As a result, in my early high school years, I developed a procrastination habit by creating these ‘loopholes’ for every situation. So my homework would get done just before it was due, and my studying for an exam would be crammed right before the test.   I was the king of finding loopholes.   I later realized I was just making excuses for myself. If […]


    It has been a little over two years since we bought our first home. An experience that has in turn become a valuable education for us. As someone who loves real estate, and is a licensed realtor, I constantly have real estate on the mind. I want to make sure that first time home buyers do not make the same mistakes I see so many folks make. If you are looking to buy your first home, it can be a nerve wracking experience. There are a lot of questions to answer before you can even consider making such […]

How to Buy A House

  Imagine you are watching the World Series. The Cubs are playing the Indians, and you look up to find that Johnny Baseball from the Cubs just hit a home run to win the game. The team goes crazy, the crowd goes wild. There’s only one problem with this World Series from hell. Nobody kept score. Now the Indians think that they won the World Series. They begin celebrating because they feel they have the right to be winners. We have no idea who won? How stupid would that be?   The problem is that most of you are doing the […]

How To Determine Your Net Worth

    Every seasoned real estate investor understands that to make money it’s all about how you buy. If you enter into your investment correctly, everything else will fall into place. We all hear stories of the guy who thinks that if the mortgage is less than the rent payment they will make money. That’s not always the case. Here I will give you a checklist that outlines 7 ways you can avoid mistakes before you buy and manage a property.     1.  Look For A High Rent-to-Value Ratio Going in to any property, you want to make sure […]

7 Ways To Succeed As A Real Estate Investor

    Do you say “ain’t nobody got time for that” every time someone mentions investing?   Well then you are in the right place.   You can passively invest your money and still become wealthy. Actually, I will show you how to do this and retire a multi-millionaire.   I’ve been investing since my early teen years. The biggest positive to starting young goes beyond the compound interest (which has been amazing). It is actually learning from my mistakes early, when it hurts much less, because I was investing with less capital. For any new investor you want to […]

How to Invest When You Dont Care About Investing

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the greatest lie ever told, I would have a plethora of nickels. A boatload of sorts, because I hear the same tall tale from every single person who has ever been in love. Every person who has ever asked their significant other to marry them. What is that lie you ask?   “We are just going to have a small wedding.”    This year, the average wedding in America costs $29,650.   $29,650 is just the national average. That means more than likely your wedding will cost more (For example, in Florida […]

The $29,650 Lie We All Tell Ourselves

  Hey Everyone! I wrote a guest post for Stefan’s blog over at The Millennial Budget on how to find your retirement number! Check out the full post over at The Millennial Budget!     What if I told you a single number can change your life. It can give set parameters to your financial goals that will set you up to retire much sooner than you ever thought you could. I think that you will be amazed once you learn to calculate your retirement number. We all need an end game. This is it – this is how you win […]

How To Find Your Retirement Number

    We are all ashamed.   Ashamed of what people might think if we do not keep up with the Joneses, Johnson’s, and JingleHeimer Schmidt’s. Ashamed of how people will portray us if we live below our means in a modest way. We crave attention from others, it is human nature. Even the person who says “I don’t care what anyone thinks” wants you to think they don’t care what others think. In turn they are hoping you find acceptance in them for “not caring” (what a concept). Our psyche drives our decisions, yet our decisions dictate our life. […]

Debt Before Dishonor