Are you tired of watching all those basics posting photos in foreign lands to their Instagram with inspirational quotes as captions? Maybe you want to pose with dolphins, zip line over waterfalls, or sip vino in Rome. If you proclaimed yes with each comma you read, then do I have a treat for you.   Welcome to travel hacking.   Today I am going to give you an introduction to one of the most rewarding hacks in the world. A hack that changed your life for the better. We call it travel hacking, but it’s better known […]

How We Travel The World For Free

        If you are new to the Roth IRA, this is the place to be. I am going to show you the three reasons to open a Roth IRA, potential negatives, and the best ways to invest in a Roth. I will also include my Roth IRA plan, how I track my progress, and a 52 week savings challenge!   Grab the FREE Roth IRA Savings Plan Printable Here!   Every year, my wife and I are looking for new investment opportunities. We spend a large amount of time reading, thinking, and testing different markets. But before […]

How To Use A Roth IRA To Become A Millionaire

    Ah, the student loan.   It made life so easy when we needed it most. Until the massive debt monster revealed itself after graduation. Most of us college graduates have them. If you do, don’t stress. I want to make the payoff process easier for you.   We paid off my wife’s $21,000 loan in less than a year, on a modest salary. You can do the same, you just have to be willing to put in the work.   If you’re ready to crush your student loans, keep your eyeballs moving. But first, some fun student loan […]

The 7 Best Ways to Pay Down Your Student Loans ...

    If I could put anything on a billboard, I would write 5 simple words:   It won’t make you happy.   In college, I dreamed of life after my studies. I could not wait to make money so I could buy the things I always wanted. I had visions of buying a nice house, whipping around a fancy car and wearing the finest threads money can buy. You know, living the good life.   Is this the good life? Or just the good life we are being sold?   When I finally graduated from college, the things my […]

The Simple Path To Happiness

        I am constantly sounding the alarm, telling people that the best time to invest is today. As we all know, just telling someone to do something won’t get the job done. So I am going to put my words where my mouth is and show you the magical powers of compound interest.   I want to start our compound interest journey with a story:   In 2015, there was a man who bought a penny that was minted in 1792 for $2.5 million.   Yes, you read that correctly. A PENNY.   I remember reading this […]

Why Investing Early Matters

    Like this post? Get the printable version and checklist here!   This could be your best year yet. I’m not talking about just one area of your life, but exploding your growth in all areas. From your career, finances, relationships, and knowledge. It all weighs on the shoulders of the habits you create.     It is ingrained in us to get better. To push beyond the barriers of life. Trust me, there are many things that can get in your way. I know firsthand. Until I started focusing on my personal growth, I wondered why I could never […]

57 Ways To Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Do you like stuff? Are you known as the fancy pants in your group but tired of paying full price to keep those pants so fancy? Well, do I have a treat for you. I have found a nifty way to buy things you want for less than full price, sometimes 50% off the price.   What is the golden ticket you ask?     Gift Cards.   Gift cards are your one way ticket to savings town. Not just any gift cards but gift cards that you buy for less than they are worth.   One of my favorite sites for […]

Never Pay Full Price For Anything