Here in Florida, we experience hurricanes that can devastate an entire city. They can turn a city into complete chaos (a la hurricane Harvey and Irma). The good thing about hurricanes, is that we know when they are coming. We can prepare by stocking up on water bottles, canned food, and flashlights.   In the midwest, they have a force of nature that can cause the same damage, but arrives like a thief in the night. Tornados. They destroy cities without any warning. There’s no time to prepare, and no time to evacuate the city.   I […]

Hold On To Your Fancy Pants, There’s a Recession Coming

  Let’s get real. Money is something that we must have in order to thrive. A tool that can unlock a world of time and freedom. Yet, many of us spend so little time actually thinking about it.   Maybe you have been taught to fear money. It was a taboo topic to discuss in your household so you resent the thought of it.   Well, today I want to shift that mindset. I want to make money easy for you to think and talk about. It’s not a taboo topic, it’s something to be discussed, taught, and truly thought […]

7 Ways to Become Awesome With Your Money

      Have you ever been told you need to spend money to make money?   Many of us are not fed with a silver spoon, handed a pile of cash, or given any break on life. To me, this is not a bad thing, it actually builds character and gives us the tenacity we need to become who we are.   We begin to develop a callus to adversity. It gets easier every time. With everything that life throws at us, we can figure out how to weather the storm.   We are the Builders.   Since we […]

The Cheapest Ways To Become A Millionaire

        I am constantly sounding the alarm, telling people that the best time to invest is today. As we all know, just telling someone to do something won’t get the job done. So I am going to put my words where my mouth is and show you the magical powers of compound interest.   I want to start our compound interest journey with a story:   In 2015, there was a man who bought a penny that was minted in 1792 for $2.5 million.   Yes, you read that correctly. A PENNY.   I remember reading this […]

Why Investing Early Matters

    Like this post? Get the printable version and checklist here!   This could be your best year yet. I’m not talking about just one area of your life, but exploding your growth in all areas. From your career, finances, relationships, and knowledge. It all weighs on the shoulders of the habits you create.     It is ingrained in us to get better. To push beyond the barriers of life. Trust me, there are many things that can get in your way. I know firsthand. Until I started focusing on my personal growth, I wondered why I could never […]

57 Ways To Accelerate Your Personal Growth

      Many of us have been sold the American dream. You go to school, attend college, work a 9-5 for 40 years, retire, then die. Leaving us to do the things we enjoy when we are old.   Who the heck wants to live that way? Why is this the American Dream?   Well guess what? We don’t have to. You should aspire to break this as the norm.   This is not the industrial revolution. We are not here to punch a clock while wasting our lives away.   Time is not money.   As a matter […]

Stop Trading Time For Money

  Money is a tough thing to wrap our brains around sometimes. Especially when it comes to our own personal finances. It can be stressful, make you feel lost, and seem like you’re running on a treadmill.   I felt these same feelings early on in my financial life. I was in debt, frustrated, and looking for a way to figure this whole financial mess out. It’s a terrible feeling when you don’t know where you spent your last paycheck.   The problem is, there’s nothing out there that provides a clear cut plan for your situation. That’s because you’re […]

You Inc.

    It has been a little over two years since we bought our first home. An experience that has in turn become a valuable education for us. As someone who loves real estate, and is a licensed realtor, I constantly have real estate on the mind. I want to make sure that first time home buyers do not make the same mistakes I see so many folks make. If you are looking to buy your first home, it can be a nerve wracking experience. There are a lot of questions to answer before you can even consider making such […]

How to Buy A House

  Imagine you are watching the World Series. The Cubs are playing the Indians, and you look up to find that Johnny Baseball from the Cubs just hit a home run to win the game. The team goes crazy, the crowd goes wild. There’s only one problem with this World Series from hell. Nobody kept score. Now the Indians think that they won the World Series. They begin celebrating because they feel they have the right to be winners. We have no idea who won? How stupid would that be?   The problem is that most of you are doing the […]

How To Determine Your Net Worth

    Every seasoned real estate investor understands that to make money it’s all about how you buy. If you enter into your investment correctly, everything else will fall into place. We all hear stories of the guy who thinks that if the mortgage is less than the rent payment they will make money. That’s not always the case. Here I will give you a checklist that outlines 7 ways you can avoid mistakes before you buy and manage a property.     1.  Look For A High Rent-to-Value Ratio Going in to any property, you want to make sure […]

7 Ways To Succeed As A Real Estate Investor

    Do you say “ain’t nobody got time for that” every time someone mentions investing?   Well then you are in the right place.   You can passively invest your money and still become wealthy. Actually, I will show you how to do this and retire a multi-millionaire.   I’ve been investing since my early teen years. The biggest positive to starting young goes beyond the compound interest (which has been amazing). It is actually learning from my mistakes early, when it hurts much less, because I was investing with less capital. For any new investor you want to […]

How to Invest When You Dont Care About Investing

  Hey Everyone! I wrote a guest post for Stefan’s blog over at The Millennial Budget on how to find your retirement number! Check out the full post over at The Millennial Budget!     What if I told you a single number can change your life. It can give set parameters to your financial goals that will set you up to retire much sooner than you ever thought you could. I think that you will be amazed once you learn to calculate your retirement number. We all need an end game. This is it – this is how you win […]

How To Find Your Retirement Number