Let me get a show of hands.   Who has ever bought something from Amazon and said to themselves: “This is such a good decision, that I am going to sell this at a garage sale one day!”   **Crickets Chirping***   Now, let me ask you another question.   I hate questions.   Just one more.   Fine.     How often do you ask yourself “Will this particular “thing” increase my happiness or well being?”   Not for a week, or a month, but long term.   I am not suggesting to only go out and buy […]

Every Action You Take Is A Vote – Make It ...

    Ah, the student loan.   It made life so easy when we needed it most. Until the massive debt monster revealed itself after graduation. Most of us college graduates have them. If you do, don’t stress. I want to make the payoff process easier for you.   We paid off my wife’s $21,000 loan in less than a year, on a modest salary. You can do the same, you just have to be willing to put in the work.   If you’re ready to crush your student loans, keep your eyeballs moving. But first, some fun student loan […]

The 7 Best Ways to Pay Down Your Student Loans ...

      Have you ever been told you need to spend money to make money?   Many of us are not fed with a silver spoon, handed a pile of cash, or given any break on life. To me, this is not a bad thing, it actually builds character and gives us the tenacity we need to become who we are.   We begin to develop a callus to adversity. It gets easier every time. With everything that life throws at us, we can figure out how to weather the storm.   We are the Builders.   Since we […]

The Cheapest Ways To Become A Millionaire

  I am constantly brushing off advice that I’ve heard my entire life. Eat more vegetables. Floss daily.  Read more often. The keys to happiness are people not things. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We seem to think we are above listening to these cliches. That we are too smart to become inspired by such piddly wisdom.   What if we changed this?   Yes, we need to push ourselves to think deeper. We need to satisfy our craving to learn and grow. But, why ignore timeless wisdom that clearly will improve […]

The Keys To Life Are In The Cliche´

        I am constantly sounding the alarm, telling people that the best time to invest is today. As we all know, just telling someone to do something won’t get the job done. So I am going to put my words where my mouth is and show you the magical powers of compound interest.   I want to start our compound interest journey with a story:   In 2015, there was a man who bought a penny that was minted in 1792 for $2.5 million.   Yes, you read that correctly. A PENNY.   I remember reading this […]

Why Investing Early Matters

    Like this post? Get the printable version and checklist here!   This could be your best year yet. I’m not talking about just one area of your life, but exploding your growth in all areas. From your career, finances, relationships, and knowledge. It all weighs on the shoulders of the habits you create.     It is ingrained in us to get better. To push beyond the barriers of life. Trust me, there are many things that can get in your way. I know firsthand. Until I started focusing on my personal growth, I wondered why I could never […]

57 Ways To Accelerate Your Personal Growth

  So, you spent too much money for the holidays.   You were engulfed in a wave of generosity, feeling like Oprah on a gift binge. You get a gift, you get a gift, everybody gets a gift! It was your greatest giving year to date. You made it rain presents. Your family, friends and co-workers, have no idea what hit them.   We can’t forget your holiday party. The champagne flowed like a river that never runs dry. The fine cheeses, meats, and hors d’oeuvres, filled the bellies of the guests. And boy, oh boy, did they love your decor. […]

How To Defeat The Holiday Spending Hangover

      Many of us have been sold the American dream. You go to school, attend college, work a 9-5 for 40 years, retire, then die. Leaving us to do the things we enjoy when we are old.   Who the heck wants to live that way? Why is this the American Dream?   Well guess what? We don’t have to. You should aspire to break this as the norm.   This is not the industrial revolution. We are not here to punch a clock while wasting our lives away.   Time is not money.   As a matter […]

Stop Trading Time For Money

      I was recently at a drug store picking up a few things. As I was leaving, another man was getting into his car parked right next to mine. He was a young guy, driving a 7 Series BMW. A six figure car. I thought to myself, I wonder what he does for a living?   He backed out of his parking spot and I did the same. I ended up behind him pulling into the street that leads to my neighborhood.  Mr. BMW turned into a house that everyone in the neighborhood has always regarded as the […]

How Fancy Are Your Pants?

        In the 1980’s, a few researchers came up with a proposed idea that they thought would help reduce crime in the U.S. They called that theory ‘Broken Windows’. The idea was fairly simple, a broken window is a sign of a community that has been neglected. In turn, a community that has been neglected, is more likely to have an increase in crime rate. The hypothesis was if police could fix the small problems (i.e. broken windows), the big ones would disappear.     This idea came from a research experiment in 1969 where a psychologist […]

Why The Small Things Matter