Most people who are just getting started in life think they are going to be millionaires.   According to recent study, 53% of millennial’s were of the utmost confidence they would become millionaires.   Some people may say this is “youthful exuberance”. Millennial’s may think it is easier to become a millionaire than what reality may suggest. They see the success coming from tech tycoons and think they may one day do the same.   For the average person, becoming a millionaire doesn’t just happen. You are not going to get promoted or start a successful business just […]

13 Ways to Make a Million Dollars

  Everyone is looking for a single investment to get rich quick. Something no one else knows about. The secret to making money in the stock market.   The “secret” is simple.   When you invest in the stock market, the key is making sure you reduce your risk.   How the heck do you do that?   By maintaining a simple mindset for every investment you make. It comes down the investment mantra, that I have always kept close. If you were flipping a coin it would go a little something like this:   Heads, I win; tails, I […]

The Secret to Making Money in the Stock Market

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure for more details.   Let’s face it. If you want to become wealthy there are three things you need to do.   💰 Increase your income.   💵 Spend less than you make.   📈 Track your net worth.   These are non-negotiable. These three buckets are what will make you a wealthy person. Almost nothing else actually matters.   I have heard every excuse in the book. “I don’t like budgets”. “Spreadsheet are too hard”. “I just don’t have the time to do it.”   Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. 🤦‍♂️   Until now, these […]

11 Reasons I’m Obsessed With This Free Personal Finance App

  I am constantly looking for ways to optimize.   This becomes a blessing and a curse for a few reasons. A blessing in the fact that almost everything on this planet interests me. A curse because I can never truly become good at every single one of them.   As with everything, my brain begins to associate almost every situation with numbers. This has led me to come up with the best way to improve at virtually anything over time. A way to improve your health, wealth, goal setting, skills, hobbies, and habits.   It is the most simple […]

The Amazing Power Of 1%

    As my wife’s baby bump continues to grow, I have been increasing my research into the unknown world of child development.   Beyond that, I have also been spending a lot of time thinking about saving for college. Many questions come across my mind. The ultimate comes down to this:   What is the best way to save for college?   There are a number of ways you can approach this. But, first and foremost, I have a public service announcement, I must make sure this is abundantly clear.   If you are not saving money for retirement, […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Saving for College

    There’s a new American Dream.   It has nothing to do with owning a house, buying a fancy car, or having a good job.   Instead, we want independence from the corporate environment. A way to escape the rat race and spend our time doing what we want, on our terms.   The dream is to work on projects that you enjoy. Things that are important to you, free from the chains of the cubicle or corner office.   I’ve talked about Financial independence in the past, without using the actual term. Put simply, it is when you […]

Here’s a Quick Guide to Financial Independence (In 5 Easy ...

  If you know anything about personal finance, you know that buying a car is one of the worst investments you can make. A car is what is known as a depreciating asset, which is just a fancy way of saying it’s value goes down instead of up the second you buy it.     Take a brand spanking new BMW X3 for example. You can buy one for $45,000 brand new.   Ohhhh yeah (Kool-Aid Man voice), those first few weeks are going to feel good. You are going to peruse downtown, blasting “ballin” on the bluetooth enabled “technology […]

How You Can Have A Free Car For Life

    If you want to cut cable and save money, I have put together a list of tools to get started. You can get your copy HERE (Hint; One of these tools will save you over $20 a month).   You don’t have cable?!   You can bet your bottom dollar I don’t, and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t cut my cable because of need or deprivation, I did it because it is the best option out there.   Now don’t get me wrong, I do miss the 15 minutes of commercials every hour. Nothing more relaxing that […]

Get Rid of Cable Once and For All!

    Lately, I have seen a lot of what I call “house shaming” floating around the internet. The battle of buy vs. rent has become ever so heated.   Every news publication is coming out with reasons why you should, or should not buy a house.   Robert Kyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is famous for saying that your house is not an asset (I will save this for another post.)   Grant Cardone, Real Estate and sales guru says that owning is for chumps.   The list can go on and on with smart people […]

Is Buying a House for Suckers?

    Business is tough.   Running your own business is even harder.   Especially when you are management, sales, and accounting staff all in one.   When you are in the business world, rejection is a part of the territory.   Everyone from Zuckerberg to Buffett have to been rejected.   I have become somewhat of a rejection expert.   That is because I am rejected Every. Single. Day.   I am actually getting rejected multiple times per day.   People snark, get upset, and sometimes even laugh at me.   If you are in any industry that comes […]

I Get Rejected Over 50 Times Per Month, Here Is ...

      I hear people complaining that they can’t get ahead.   They want to leave the cubicle for the corner office, but it feels like they will never get there.   They watch others get promoted, while they have been in the same position for the last 5 years.   It’s funny, it’s almost like they are waiting for someone to walk up and hand them a promotion.   Here’s a little secret.   Promotions take work, it’s not going to just happen.   Actually, they take a lot of work.   Repeat after me: You are not […]

The Secrets To Getting Really Good At Your Job and ...

    Have you noticed a trend?   It would be hard to miss if you have ever read a news feed.   Every article is plastered with morning routine advice. That advice is always followed up with wake up early.   What are you supposed to do with that early morning time they say?   Mediate (or just sleep sitting up because it’s 5am).   Journal.   Eat Breakfast.   Affirmations.   Do advanced acrobatics.   Read the latest book Bill Gates recommends.   The list goes on..   Here’s something new, you do not have to wake up […]

Please Stop Telling Me I Need to Wake Up Early ...